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Common MMA Injuries – and How to Prevent Them

April 26th, 2019

There’s no doubt about it: the UFC has made MMA popular and built up a following of fight fans around the world. Perhaps you’re thinking of stepping into an MMA club yourself. At some point, you’ll pick up an injury, unfortunately — that’s just the nature of the sport — so here are some of the most common ones to watch out for and how to treat and avoid them:

Hand injuries

The striking involved in MMA means a lot of fighters suffer hand injuries. Ligament tears and jammed fingers often heal by themselves, whereas broken bones and more serious will require medical assistance. You can protect your hands by resting plenty between sessions to fight and train with proper form when inside the cage and wearing well-padded MMA gloves.

Knee injuries

The best way to prevent a knee injury is to make sure you rest enough between training sessions. Knees suffer all kinds of wear and tear, due to all the twisting and grappling movements fighters perform when competing — not to mention all the kicks they take.

Ligament injuries are all too common in the sport, and they can take some time to heal. It’s possible to address tissue inflammations, though, with a little ice. If you end up of action, you could study other fighters or revise your own training programme, or you might even just prefer to take a break from all things MMA and relax with a little online gambling or Netflix.


Unfortunately, you’re going to take hits to the head. To prevent this, work hard on your manoeuvring technique to avoid getting hit. If you do get hit, allow yourself a full recovery before you step back into the cage, whether to train or to compete.

MMA isn’t without injury, of course, but you can treat and minimise any damage by applying the tips above. Enjoy your fighting!

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